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Tattoos with a Purpose

December 14, 2012


Kathmandu, Nepal, First International Conference of Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine – Nano technology is still in its infancy and we are constantly amazed at the leaps and bounds this field makes. The textile industry, and cosmetics industry have been successfully using this for some time and continues to evolve the technology with amazing results but […]

Shopping is Fun in Japan!

October 23, 2011


Fashion Show with Google from Robbin Waldemar on Vimeo. Tokyo, Japan  - We have been thinking about youth cultures around the world a lot lately and what their on-line shopping habits are.   (Japan in particular, mainly because we are jonesing for all things Japanese at the moment.)   Shopping in Japan is like nothing you […]

Curiosity Leads to Innovation

February 19, 2011


Some times a few words go a long way…..

Lace Voyeur

February 7, 2011


London, United Kingdom – As far as fashion films go we are often a bit bored with the predictability and lack of story telling but this season we applaud  Agent Provacateur for its in your face approach to marketing lingerie.  (I know, I know, is lingerie really fashion?   We consider fashion not to be […]

Blooming Sneakers

February 5, 2011


Amsterdam Fashion Week – We can’t imagine the trials and tribulations Designer Christiaan Maats and his team went through to get this done but major congratulations are in order.  OAT Shoes has completed their “Virgin Collection” of biodegradable sneakers.   And…. wait for it…. not only are they biodegradable, but they will sprout into a lovely […]